Ku band Programmable LNB

Main Feature

Programmable LO: program one of 4 LO’s (9.75/10.25/10.75/11.25 GHz)
   by using
Programming kit according to user’s needs
Users can save inventory cost by purchasing one type of LNB instead of
many different LNB’s with each LO frequency.  
Low Noise Figure
±5kHz LO Stability(Internal option)
Internal/External 10MHz reference(Optional)
Programming kit is separately required

[Notice] Ku Programmable LNB will... 20.07.02
[Notice] Satellite 2017 17.05.24
[Notice] CABSAT 2015 15.02.23
[Notice] C Band Dual LNB is completed 14.06.03
[Notice] CommunicAsia2014 14.04.30
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